“Great equipment and people! Pumped to work out here.”

Tony Soloman, Core Gym Member

“Love my gym! Great equipment, great people and amazing atmosphere! Congrats Lee! You're making it happen!!!”

Tracy Lynn Peplinski, Core Gym Member

“The Core is a wonderful facility, owned by an extremely professional couple partnered with top tier trainers. It's a state-of-the-art facility with TONS of equipment options for any type of fitness training. This place definitely surpasses expectations and sets itself above the rest. Glad to be a part of this fine group of professionals.”

Ann Springer Rayburn, Core Gym Member

“I’ve been training at The Core for six months. I use to workout at the City Club before joining The Core. Cameron Nassiri has been my trainer for over ten years and continues to train members at The Core, many of which followed him over after the City Club closed. I’ve been very pleased with the facilities and cleanliness at The Core. The equipment is plentiful, kept in good shape, and thoroughly covers the full spectrum for workouts and conditioning. The owner has always been courteous, helpful, and cares about the quality of his business. I would highly recommend The Core to anyone who values their time and effort to be as healthy as possible within an atmosphere conducive for complete fitness.”

Ben Jacobson, Core gym Member 04/02/2018

“I've been working with the owners of The Core for almost 3 years and it's been a great experience throughout. They truly care about the quality and upkeep of their gym and the member experience. They're always adding new equipment and have very high standards as far as cleanliness and keeping everything working. The Core has a friendly and welcoming vibe that comes from having a great rapport between owners, staff, trainers and clients. It has an environment where everybody works together and gets along, even though everybody is independent. If you're a trainer looking for a home for yourself and your clients, I don't think you can find a better one in town.”

Brandon Cole, Personal Trainer

“I don't think I would have become an Independent Trainer had I not had access to The Core Houston. "Train right, or don't train at all. From a subjective standpoint, the equipment is phenomenal. I know that just about any prospect I show the location to will sign up. The other trainers are also respectful of one another's boundaries. After one month at the Core, I have never been as confident as I am today that this was the right decision.”

Chris Bradley, Personal Trainer

“As a trainer of nine years, I can honestly say that moving to The Core Houston has been one of the best decisions in my career. Some of the biggest issues trainers experience are solved here. With their monthly fee policy I do not have to worry about the company taking "too big of a cut" off of my paycheck. I never have to worry about management looking over my shoulder to make sure I meet any kind of quota. As an independent trainer I am granted flexibility in my schedule without committing to any times to the club. Also, the owner Lee is very easy to work with. I could ask them about purchasing a product, machine, or piece of equipment and they really put the money down -- within reason, of course! Despite their busy schedules, they have always been available to answer any question I may have. They really provide a "family culture" here that you just do not see at many places. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to make a positive change in their training career.”

CJ Taylor, Personal Trainer

“Great place. Great people. Top notch. Detailed very nicely. Every type of fitness equipment under the sun. The best of the best Houston personal trainers train at this facility. Lee and Shirley covered all the bases at The Core. Ask for me and I'll give you one complimentary training session. You'll be happy you did:)”

Darren Lynch, Personal Trainer

"I love the new gym! I trained at the former location and really liked it as well, but this new location and gym is wonderful. Amazing new equipment, great parking, big open spaces, amenities galore, Smoothie Bar and other great services coming soon! Congrats to Lee!”

Debbie Weinstein, Core Gym Member

“In my 40 years of training and coaching, many gyms have proudly debuted and sheepishly closed due to many factors, most of which have been simply that something better has come along. A fresh outlook, a realized dream, and that’s what the bulwark of this country is all about. Well that “something better” is here. Buddhists have their Nirvana and Vikings (bless their little Berserker hearts) have their Valhalla and Houston personal trainers now have The Core; an unapologetic testimonial to hard work and nose-to-the-grindstone stick-to-itiveness. A “kid in the candy store” awe best describes the mental state of curious trainers getting their first tour of this seemingly endless gamut of gut-busting gizmos. Lee Schuppenhauer who is the owner/pioneer has left no 45 lb. plate unturned in this obvious labor of love. The location is geographically ideal, the parking is spacious and spanning, the equipment state of the art and the cadre of coaches and trainers is by far the most educated, innovative bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure of working beside. The facility itself although cavernous (27,000 square feet), still manages to maintain a smaller neighborhood gym charm because of its partitioned design breaking up a huge space into a more appealing personalized ambiance. Any attempt to describe it completely would invariably fall short so I would advise all to drop in to fully appreciate the scope of this vision-come-true. I’ll refrain from attempting to list all amenities as the list is so extensive. They say life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. This is a display of that courage and The Core, like all great achievements, will have a detractor or two but despite the petty puling of envious entrepreneurial wannabes, Lee’s accomplishment speaks for itself and it does so with a vengeance. My only wish would be that a whiskey and cigar room be added eventually for the more seasoned and less pure of heart like myself. I mean nothing tops off a grueling squat session like a fine cheroot and an 18 year old Bunnahabhain.. Hell I just might move in"

Derek Kanady, Personal Trainer

“I have been working at The Core since the first day it opened. As a Personal Trainer you will find everything you need here!! They have every piece of equipment you can possibly imagine. Lee has done a fabulous job of putting together this fitness facility. You will find one or both of them at the facility pretty much all day. They truly care about the personal trainers and their clients. I have been in the fitness industry for 14 years and this is the nicest and most well equipped gym in the city of Houston. It is truly a blessing to be involved with such wonderful people! Thank you Lee!”