Derek Kanady

Personal Trainer


Over 30 yrs experience (that’s as much as I’m admitting to.) Contributing editor for Cofounder of Texas Healthcare Partners; a rehabilitation company. (No not that kind of rehab) Specializes in performance enhancement, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning yada yada yada. Founder of C.A.R.E. Center for Athletic Rehabilitation and Enhancement. Never trained any celebrities but did know a guy who one met Chuck Woolery. Appointed to the Mayor of Houston’s fitness initiative; Get Lean Houston circa 1999. Unable to count the number of undoubtedly well-intentioned people who have said, “I do need to start working out. Do you have a card?” Still in damned good shape considering my age, my propensity for the occasional good cigar and a single malt whiskey and an inordinately long list of youthful indiscretions.

Just bring your desire, your willingness and a good sense of humor and I’ll bring the tools and know-how.

 “I am not your rolling wheel. I am the highway.”
 Labor Optimus Citat